Jim Norman facilitates a storyboarding session during the 20th Annual International Storyboarding conference held in at the Arizona Club and the University Club in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.




The Storyboarding Story

Phoenix Creative Planning Centers Foundation, Inc. supports and maintains creative and innovative planning environments and emerging technologies.

Phoenix Creative Planning Centers Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization conceived and developed by international storyboarding expert, James E. "Jim" Norman, facilitates the use of storyboarding and Creative Planning Methods (CPMs) in support of strategic and operational goals of businesses, non profit organizations and educational institutions.

The mission of the corporation is to support and maintain creative and innovative environments and tools for planning, training, learning, and research through the Internet and other distributed computing systems, and to guide people in the use of these and other tools, to foster collaboration in a synergistic climate, and to explore and utilize applications of emerging technology to these ends in a manner friendly to organizations, community action groups, and people who are in need of modern, effective, and interactive tools for planning.

As one of the nation's leading visual planning consultants, Norman has worked for industry giants such as GTE, Siemens, General Motors, Arthur Anderson, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Scientific Atlanta as a storyboarding facilitator and consultant before launching the first Creative Planning Center in 1987 with fellow storyboarding afficianado, Steve Mason.

Based on over twenty years of experience in developing and managing the creative process in a corporate environment, Phoenix Creative Planning Centers' (PHXCPC), purpose is to assist other for profit and nonprofit corporations, educational institutions and learning organizations in utilizing Planning Center Methods (PCMs) to foster collaboration in a synergistic environment through modern, effective and interactive tools for strategic and operational planning.

Today, Phoenix CPC has grown to over 140 members and is a recognized leader in Storyboarding research, development and implementation. Serving as a vibrant catalyst for organizational change management, the organization has documented over 1,000 storyboarding sessions in Fortune 500 companies, small-to-medium size businesses and nonprofit organizations.

For 2007, the leadership team at Phoenix CPC has developed five case studies that summarize recent projects and achievements in the field of Storyboarding as a meeting planning and strategic management tool.

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Recent foundation activities:

Cisco Telepresence discussion of the uses of storyboarding for strategic project planning.


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Chapter 2 (MP3)

Storyboarding Case Studies:

Develop remote, online Creative Planning Centers; provide a place to conduct real time planning sessions for nonprofit organizations.

Sponsor annual and periodic meetings featuring leading speakers in communication and technology.

Develop and deliver "train the trainer" programs in Planning Center Methods (PCMs) for onsite and online planning sessions.

Evaluate and apply results of research into a professional planning practice.

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