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Executive Summary #1 Building a Storyboarding War Room

Client: Fortune 500 High-Tech Manufacturer

Sanctioner: Division President

Leader/Director: Client Manager

Team: Phoenix CPC Trainer and filming of facility

Problem : Building a StoryBoarding War Room to Run a $25 Million Project

Approach: Two rooms (informal working area & formal presentation area). Set up PICO wall in the informal working area for Plan, Idea, Communication, and Organization for display & communication for dozens of teams. Set up director chairs in the formal presentation area for observation and demonstration by VIPs, visitors, and company employees.

Results: Managed all the project costs to the end of the project. Achieved superior communication, training, and coordination throughout the project. Excellent updates and briefings for all interested parties. Filmed by Phoenix CPC with permission of the Sanctioner.

Variations of War Room StoryBoarding:

1. Display of 5-year strategic plan with multiple projects for a building supplies company. Results: completion in 3-years.

2. Display of legal case documents for a large law firm. Results: discovery of “no loss” due to subrogation that allowed immediate settlement after years of preparation for trial.

3. Display of project to reduce satellite transmission costs by a engineering and manufacturing company for customers. Results: 40 per cent reduction in costs and major development of digital compression concepts.

4. Satellite war room in Phoenix area for a large company in the Eastern U.S. to run a 110-person assembly plant with components globally. Results: Resolution of over 100 plant issues, reduction of personnel to 85, and compression of plant facility to 50% of previous size. Filmed by Phoenix CPC with permission of the Sanctioner.

5. Set-up of a temporary war room as a staging area for new War Room. Results: One-week completion using same process as for new WR.