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Executive Summary #2 Developing a Partnering Agreement between Two Companies

Clients: Fortune 500 Mining Company & International Equipment Dealer

Sanctioner: Dealer CEO

Leader/Director: Phoenix CPC Consultant

Team: Representatives of both companies

Problem: “Development of a Partnering Agreement Between Two Companies” -
for the Dealer to operate the property of the Mining Company for Dealer’s
on-site employees.

Approach: Development of all the things the two companies agreed on, the
Projects to accomplish, and a partnering agreement for signature of all
Participants. Scheduled two days, with a dinner the night between days.

Results: Built good will and understanding among all the participants. Got a
signed partnering agreement. Documented the entire process in outlines.

Variations of partnering exercises:

1. Development of a plan for a California consulting firm and an Arizona investment company to work together toward merger. Results: Completion of plan in one day, including a partnering agreement.

2. A one-day meeting for a distributor and a supplier to work together and
share profits. Results: Long-lasting, profitable relationship, setting
pattern for other partnering agreements with top suppliers.

3. Meetings monthly between a Fortune 500 paper company and its
primary insurance company to resolve issues and build agreement.
Results: Significant improvements in coverage and programs for the
paper company and increased business for the insurance company.

4. Defining the agreement of services between global management
consulting firm and its prospect rocket manufacturing company.

5. Resolution of crisis situation among a regional development authority
and 18 of its funding constituents threatening to withdraw.

6. Mediation of two parties involved in a legal dispute to show positions.

7. Plan association of 30 U.S. companies and their joint marketing efforts.