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Executive Summary #3, Five Year Plan (Small Bank)

Client: Bank with approximately 10 branches

Sanctioner: Bank President

Leader/Director: Phoenix CPC Consultant

Coordinators: Entire Client Management Team

Team: All Employees (Survey). Bank Leadership Team of Direct Reports to the
President (Offsite)

Problem : “Five-Year Plan for the Bank”

Approach: Survey by computer of all bank employees for all issues, and prioritize the top issues by the Client Management Team and all Employees, in two sets of meetings. Phoenix CPC Consultant designing a two-day offsite meeting for the Bank Leadership Team of Direct Reports to the President, leading/directing the offsite in a fine hotel within one-hour of all participants’
homes, and documenting the meeting in outline in one-week.

Results: All 13 initiatives were accomplished in five-years. Growth of 15%/ year.

Variations of five-year planning:

1. Performance of a plan for the CFOs department of a large food retailer,
& used that as a basis for the five-year plan of the entire organization
of over 10,000 full-time employees. Results: Ability to take advantage
of acquisition of over 10 stores by adjusting the plan.

2. Started with five-year plan of a distributor, including 17 projects completed, followed by a seven-year plan. Results: Sale of company to a Fortune 500 company.

3. Doing a three-year plan for a consulting firm, breaking it down into one-year key elements, and further breaking that one-year down into quarterly targets. Results: Ability to meet quarterly for one-day and annually for two-days to update the plan.