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Executive Summary #4, C-Level Leadership Training: Visual Planning and Communication Techniques

Client: Construction Management Firm, Contractor, and Luxury Home Builder

Sanctioner: VP Finance/CPA/new MBA/ Second Generation to Founder

Leader/Director: Phoenix CPC Consultant

Team: Phoenix CPC Consultants on Special Projects

Problem: “Exposing an Officer to Visual Planning and Communication Techniques” as rapidly as possible in order to take leadership of the company.

Approach: Training the VP Finance in Planning Center Methods (PCM) Master Program of seven courses (StoryBoarding Concepts, Facilitation, Project Management, War Rooms, Charting & Graphics, Charrettes, and Applications). Involvement in public speaking and teaching “StoryBoarding for MBAs.” Exposure to StoryBoarding enhancements, such as MS PowerPoint networks, meeting capture, Tablet PCs, and Process Mapping. Hands-on work on a Corporate Board, including governance.

Results: Three-year accomplishment of becoming leader of the company.

Variations of exposure of an officer to visual planning and communication techniques:

1. Training of the founder of a Fortune 500 company and bringing in top StoryBoarders from around the U.S. to help in a crash course. Results: Use of the visual environments, processes, and tools in company/ subsidiary development, and in State and city initiatives.

2. Seven-week crash course in PCM Master Program for GM & Assistant.

3. Training of Phoenix CPC Consultants in StoryBoarding at Annual Conferences.

4. Training senior management team in PCM Master Program in one-day.