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Executive Summary #5, Business Development Plan: Seven Essential Areas

Client: Professional Services Firm

Sanctioner: Company President

Leader/Director: Phoenix CPC Consultant

Team: Client Employees

Problem : “Developing the Business” in Seven Essential Areas

Approach: A series of 28 successful creative meetings using StoryBoarding on the areas of Leadership, Marketing, Finance, Management, Client Service, Lead Development, and Sales.

Results: Reorganization of ownership team. Moving from 29th largest firm in the market to 4th according to the Book of Lists.

Variations of developing the business:

1. Re-engineering the sales process in an advertising firm.

2. Doing back-to-back creative meetings with the marketing group one day and the sales group the second day to get a sales plan for a medical equipment manufacturer.

3. Development of a Business Information System for a U.S. business furniture rental company.

4. Analyzing a business book for the subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company in order to integrate the concepts of the book into the business in a one-day planning session.

5. Organizing a film festival.

6. Developing a grant application for a vocational school, resulting in award of the grant from the city in which it is located.

End of Storyboarding Case Studies.


Foundation Activities

Develop and deliver "train the trainer" programs in Planning Center Methods (PCMs) for onsite and online planning sessions.

Develop remote, online Creative Planning Centers; provide a place to conduct real time planning sessions for nonprofit organizations.

Evaluate and apply results of research into a professional planning practice.

Sponsor annual and periodic meetings featuring leading speakers in communication and technology.